E Commerce Website Desegning

E-Store in Two Weeks:

Are you selling on Amazon/Flipkart or other marketplaces? Now, get your own E-Commerce Website designed and developed in under two weeks. We have developed 50+ Ecommerce websites with top quality hosting and code to ensure smooth operation for years.

SEO Ready:

Your website shall be SEO ready so you or your digital marketing team will not need to work on the code or technical aspects of the website. Google webmaster guidelines and updates for Ecommerce websites shall be followed while developing the website

Payment Gateway Integration:

A successful E-commerce business relies heavily on quick and successful processing of payments. As a leader in E Commerce Website Designing, we can integrate single or multiple payment gateways for smooth transition of information in case of payment failure at the first gateway.

SMS Gateway Ingrationte:

With COD and repeat purchases done by customers, it is imperative to control the SMS marketing of Ecommerce website. We can integrate both transactional and promotional sms gateways for your website, OTP generation and verification sms as per the functionality.

Shipping Gateway Integration:

With same delivery now being a possibility and numerous shipping gateways offering API’s for direct integration, as a leader in Ecommerce website development, we can suggest you the suitable shipping gateway and integrate in your panel for quick dispatches, returns and status updates.

Offers/Bundles Management:

Running an Ecommerce store is similar to brick and mortar shop. For keeping the clients interested, E-stores need to present new offers and bundled products every few days. We develop functionalities which makes it easy for the admin to create new offers and bundles quickly.

Discount Coupons:

Discount coupon functionality forms the backbone of Ecommerce website and it should be possible to create new discount coupons and update all clients and abandoned cart clients about the same. This leads to more sales and conversions.

Easy Checkout Process:

On an average the big Ecommerce sites data reveal than more 60% of the users abandon their cart at the last minute due to cumbersome checkout process or change of mind at that time. This calls for an easy and quick checkout process and we have developed a single page checkout process.

Fast Page Loading:

Page speed not only helps you in gaining search rankings, but also ensures that you acquire more clients and clients who are from rural area on slow speed. Our top notch hosting infrastructure ensures that the pages load up quickly and clients gets information quickly even on mobile.

Themed Shopping Experience:

As restaurant goers recall the ambience, E- shoppers recall the experience of shopping. We can create a unique theme with hover effect, basket design, wish list graphics and much more. Users will enjoy the themed shopping experience pulling them back to the same shop.